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Guest Writer

Guest Writer
Dana McGlynn



I just came back from my sister's place where she started slathering warm, seaweed all over my stomach again.  Then she started rubbing it around my shoulders.  This was topped off with a plastic wrapping.  I was made to lay immobilized for several minutes. I was finally cut loose like a butterfly breaking from its cocoon.  Seaweed wrap is designed to draw out excess water and impurities in the body, assisting in weight loss and also adds minerals to the body.

It is sometimes hard to achieve "Zen" in this life, but that is exactly what a holistic therapist aims to achieve.  The mood is set with candles and music.  Dietary suggestions are made.  Different concoctions are prepared to use in the body treatments.  They will also employ different massage techniques including aroma body massage and reflexology.

We also did a mud mask (above) designed to draw out impurities from the skin!


 Here, we are trying a fresh fruit based tropical facial.  Designed to add moisture.  Experimental ideas are encouraged.  Whatever the client is looking to achieve holistically. 

I also walked away with products designed specifically for me to take home and continue my goal of holistic health.  Products included personalized massage oil, bath salts, a moisturizing cream and my own body scrubber.

This is all part of my contribution of time to help further my sister's educational experience to become a holistic therapist.  If you would like to book an appointment, call Dana at (416) 481-1371, she currently offer's her high end services at Neroli Blossoms Spa Boutique, 35 Howard Street, Toronto attached is a link of her location Map Quest.

You can also read Dana's articles about skin care at Toronto Examiner (Spa & Beauty)

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