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Guest Writer

Guest Writer
Dana McGlynn



I was initially looking to buy Laura Mercier's hydrating foundation primer with Vitamin E as seen in the Sephora' insider Beauty Adviser recently.  However, it was more expensive than Stila. 

So, I asked the Sephora sales representative for a cheaper alternative.  First, it was suggested that I try the Stila face primer, which they are actually calling a skin tone correcting, brightening serum named "One Step Correct" and it sells for $47.00 Canadian at Sephora.

Look inside this bottle.  It looks like a DNA column, does it not?.   It consists of three colours of cream (blue, red and green) which is somehow spiraling as it is suspended in a clear liquid and comes out into three separate colours onto your hand.

Personally, I have not seen anything like this before. 


This is the second product (replacing the Laura Mercier line) .This is a sheer colour tinted moisturizer to the left.  It is the same product on the sample on my hand below. It sells for $44.00 Canadian.  It is oil free.  This one also has Vitamin A and E.  i am wondering about the SPF as their website says SPF 15 and the product says SPF 20 (There was also a sticker covering the words "SPF 20" so I wonder if that was a misprint(?)).

Tone - My Chosen Colour
(for medium complexions with neutral beige undertones)

 To the left is my face without any product.  To the right is the addition of the Stila products.  The tinted moisturizer gives my skin a more smooth look and evens out imperfections.  The combination of the two products certainly blend well on my face very easily which I really liked.

This was a free gift at Sephora.  It is  a Kat Von D lipstick (my gift with purchase).  I am showing it off below and I thought the colour was a perfect shade for me.  I believe this one is called "Cathedral" and has a slight goth appeal but not over the top.  I am also wearing it in the pictures above.

Gee, Miss Von D certainly did not wait for any ink to dry on her current fiance's divorce papers before she got engaged to Jesse James recently. i guess she is in the business of wet ink anyway when cupid must have sent an arrow.  

Wishing  all my readers a cupid's arrow to fly as fast and furious as hers!  


Posted by Tracey Friday, February 11, 2011


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