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Guest Writer

Guest Writer
Dana McGlynn



The Spa Travellers visited New York last week to attend the Spring edition of "Sniffapalooza".  We decided to make a special trip to visit the Rescue Beauty Lounge located in the uber trendy Meat Packing District to experience a Signature Mani/Pedi at the "Lounge".   As every nail buff knows, Rescue Beauty Lounge is famous for their iconic line of nail colours. Rescue Beauty

We began our spa service with a welcome cup of ginger tea after our coats were checked at the door.  Very cool jazz music was playing to put us in a "Lounge." mood.  We were then ushered into our own private room outfitted with comfortable seats and stylish cream marble tubs.  We started with a foot soak and our toes were prepped with cotton and slippers were put on our feet.  We then were treated with an almond scented apricot foot and leg scrub, followed by delicious hot cloths and an application of the Lounge's own lotion in a spiced floral fragrance - pure heaven!

We both loved our polishes.  We both chose 360 (teal colour) for toes and Anna had Catherine (dark purple) for fingers and Tracey had Starfish Patrick (coral).

We did run into a technician problem about half way through our service which was an unexpected disappointment. I asked my nail technician what the name of the coral polish was (the name was off the bottle).  The technician left the room and did not return....  I waited...and waited....and waited until about  10-15 minutes had passed....Finally, I asked a male assistant who was walking by where my technician had gone.  There was a bit of confusion and he returned with a small complimentary bottle of hand cream and he told me the attendant had to do "another client" and I would have to wait until another technician was free.  The front attendant later explained that after we arrived, a party of 3 had arrived LATE and that was what had thrown the schedule off.  This put  US behind (and  we arrived 5 minutes early).  We  had a feeling of being rushed out of the shop in the evening which did put a nasty spin on our otherwise enjoyable service.

The Teal 360 Polish we both adored

Posted by Tracey Thursday, May 5, 2011


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