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Guest Writer
Dana McGlynn



Chanel Cristalle
Chanel's latest perfume was presented to us during Sniffapalooza's Spring Fling in New York City.  Described as a burst of freshness yielding a crystalline impression.  A timeless (magnolia) floral bouquet with an enveloping transparency and a sheer and spirited heart.

No formal introduction truly required, who has never heard of the founder of this fashion house?  Ms. Coco Chanel born in France, also came from the most amazingly humble beginnings because she was raised partly in an orphanage after her mother's death.  She became linked with very well to do gentleman while she established herself as a not so successful cabaret singer after leaving the orphanage to start  her first career.  Her very first boutique was located at 21 Rue Cambon (incidentally, this is a name given to one of her perfumes).  This boutique was not to sell perfumes, however, but her first love, hats, which of course she designed during her second career as a seamstress and which hats were partially made well known because they were worn by a famous actress  in theatrical performances throughout France.  She later developed her own fashion house and perfumes including her very famous Chanel No. 5, which of course is the  most widely known fragrance ever made.

Above is a special purchase made of Les Exclusifs De Chanel, available only in exclusive boutiques, (like Henry Bendel in New York City).

Our fragrance choice,  Coromandel - Created by a master perfumer, Jacques Polge, An Oriental fragrance bursting out with amber vibrato, and simmering down to dry notes of Frankincense and wood notes.  We were exited to see their smaller 2.5 fluid oz. size offered at $110.00.

Please do share with us your favourite Chanel fragrance, if you have had the pleasure of purchasing them!

Posted by Tracey Monday, July 4, 2011


  1. i personally like Chance Eau Fraiche. It exquisitely goes well with my skin.

  2. kjanicki Says:
  3. I recommended Cristalle Eau Verte to a friend recently who was looking for a citrus/floral scent for summer. She loved it and bought it. I love when that happens.


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