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Guest Writer
Dana McGlynn



We took a stop at the luxury accessory store of Henri Bendel in New York City.  The store had these huge glass sniffing cones wherein you could spray your choice of perfume and smell the scent in a cone shape which circulates the scent.  Very unique and I have not seen anything like it before.  We were all given grab bags at the end of our visit.

This store had many floors but was very crowded when we arrived.Beautiful choice if you are looking for something very special.

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Ben Krigler showing his wears at the Plaza, New York City

At the Plaza Hotel we met fifth generation perfumer Ben Krigler who was eager to spray samples of his creations for us while providing us with glasses of wine and appetizer snacks.    He treated us to a piece of history and introduced us to Blue Escapade, No. 24, Camela, No. 209 and Jazzy Riviera, No. 210.  All their perfumes are numbered.  Many of these Russian creations were worn by Hollywood stars of the Golden Era or leaders of the world from the mid 20th century.  We enjoyed meeting Mr. Krigler.  If you are looking for vintage history scents from the 20th Century, you have arrived!

My choice No. 14 - many scents are unisex
We then slipped downstairs to Plaza Beauty to look around. This is a luxurious sensory emporium at the bottom of the Plaza where we were treated yet to more refreshments and macaroons before heading back to our hotel for the evening.

The Spa Travellers at the Plaza

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They also have a store at 359 Bleecker Street if you cannot make it to their flagship store which, by the way was very large and if you do choose this brand, you will be most comfortable wandering around while choosing a scent because of its roomy atmosphere.  Choosing this brand is like joining a club and they are very family oriented and loyal to their costumers holding special events, contests and "give aways".  Shop Bond No. 9

Their latest new launch is Madison Square Park which is in a vibrant pink bottle.  The flower is green.  Buy the scent now and get a bracelet with purchase.  Designed in house and called the "Bond Flower".  This line also carries luxuriously scented body creams and body oils.  They even sell a line of fine tea.  We even saw atomizers covered in pink crystals.  Wait to you see the design on the bottles.  You will love New York all over again.  Perfume available at Andrews only if you are lucky.

 Below are comments form my co-workers after I provided them with samples.

I got the Eau De NoHo.

Its definitely a night-time perfume, great for the summer once all the wedding florals are in full bloom. Its a bit stronger than i usually like, but it'll be worth a try... of course my opinion doesn't count as much as my significant other's! lmao (I also looked up the area of NoHo - very cool

Samples provided were so cutely wrapped in bright foil.  At first i thought they were chocolates playing on the names of perfumes!   

Love the concept of these perfumes!

I got Saks Fifth Avenue and really love it.  Where can I buy it in Toronto. 

I got Wall Street... I've tried this line before, and I also really like Chinatown. 

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Sarah Horowitz - Presenter at the Spring Fling Launch.

We would like to thank Ms. Horowitz for her five samples of what I would describe as a unique scented oil. (I am partial to the one called "Perfect Nectar" as it reminds me of having fun.)   There is also something very velvety about the oil and I can see why stars like Madonna and Jennifer Garner are drawn to her perfumes as well as fashion guru Rachel Zoe (whose favourite one is Perfect Veil).  We also tried Perfect Bliss, Perfect Kiss and Perfect Vanilla!

Awaken and indulge your senses by trying them all in her perfect mini collection.  You can buy on line at her website Sarah Horowitz Here

Ms. Horowitz also creates custom designer fragrances for her clients.  She recently created Forever Lily eau de parfum for her customer.  which is also available at See Forever Lily. You can read about the inspiration behind this scent largely influenced by an unexpected adoption of a child from China.

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Cary Caster, an advanced clinical aromatherapist, with many years of aromatherapy studies behind her, is the formulator of a new and cutting edge line of aromatherapy products called 21 Drops.  After many years of studies and treating family and friends with her essential oil blends, Cary launched 21 Drops together with her cousin-in-law, Amy Ilyse Rosenthal, the Creative Director and marketing strategist behind the brand.  Together, these talented ladies have come up with a thoroughly modern line of therapeutic grade essential oils blended to help ease today's most common concerns.  

Cary and Amy gave a fascinating presentation recently in New York at Sniffapalooza.  The genius of 21 drops is both in the strategic formulations and in the packaging. The oils are packaged in small roll on bottles, in brightly coloured sleeves, which are easily carried in purse or pocket.  The product goes on effortlessly with a quick roll without any spillage or messy oils.

Each of the Sniffapalooza attendees received a full size 7.5 ml. roll-on vial of No. 19 in the line - Will Power.  This selection is blended from cedarwood oil, ginger  oil and geranium leaf oil which have been blended to increase endurance, restore motivation and boost resolve and focus.  Will Power is for those self-sabotaging moments when you could use a dose of determination and drive.  The oils in this blend help to encourage pluck, purpose. Who couldn't benefit from more will power in today's hectic world, where we feel pulled in a thousand different directions between the demands of work, family, education, and the list goes on.

Other formulations designed to bring you back in balance include: Invigorate, symptoms with PMS, Strength, Hangover, Headache, Passion, Equalize, Pain Relief, Focus, Calm, De-Stress, Uplift, Carry On, Immunity, Decongest, symptoms of Menopause, Digest, Sleep, Abstain and Inspire.  You can purchase and read more here: See 21 Drops Here

Each of the blends in this line are not only formulated with Cary's expertise but have been consumer tested through years of private practice and targeted diary studies.  The products are reasonably priced at $28.00 and are both effective and easy to use. In New York, they are available at Bendel's and Barney's, individual boutiques, spas, and hotels throughout North America as well as on their website.

I have been using my Will Power frequently and have found it very effective.

Drop us a comment on how you like the product and this modern use of aromatherapy.

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