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Guest Writer

Guest Writer
Dana McGlynn



Centered amongst stone buildings on 400 acres of land which stretch all the way to Lake Ontario, St. Ann's Spa in Grafton Ontario is Canada's largest spa.  Tranquility will seep into your body, mind and soul before you leave.  No outside noise or traffic are in ears reach.  The spa is located 1 hour and 15 minutes going east from Toronto.  The location takes you back to a time when life was more simple.

It was a spa day for the girls.  We signed up for the Day Spa Meal Package and treatment.  

Of course, you can also stay overnight in one of the 28 unique guestrooms.  

We arrived and received a wellness itinerary for the day.  Once you arrive, examine the itinerary times as you need to follow their schedule in order to attend events for the day.  We took in a yoga class right away.  We then spent some time in their 3 temperature hot/cold plunge tubs which are filled with spring water from the property.  We also took in the Eucalyptus Steam Room.  We followed with the Coconut Breeze Body Scrub Treatment.  Our package included a very delicious lunch and then also included High Tea in the late afternoon served after our treatment! Both meals took place in their well staffed fine dining room restaurant.

Items to bring:
- Bathing Suit
- Comfortable clothing and shoes for fitness/outdoor activities
- Sandals or slippers for inside the spa
- Refillable water bottle

St. Anne's signature spa treatment is a Moor Mud Bath & Aroma Hydro Massage but we opted for the Coconut Breeze Treatment which is a lime scented body scrub followed by a coconut oil massage.   Our package (including food, taking the waters and a yoga class) with tax was $231.65 each. 

Now that we have tried St. Anne's Haldimand Hills Spa, we are anxious to try their new sister property at Dorset Manor in Port Hope, Ontario, which features overnight accommodations only.  To See St. Anne's.        
To make your reservation, call 1-800-346-6772.
Driving Instructions to St. Anne's:
  1. Take the 401 (east from Toronto, west from Kingston, Montreal) to Exit #487, Lyle St. Grafton.
  2. Turn North on Lyle Street and drive for about 1.5 km to Academy Hill Road
    (Note: between May and October, you can choose to turn onto our private drive, located just before Academy Hill Rd. and marked with the Ste. Anne's sign. It will take you to the lower parking lot at Ste. Anne's Spa if you follow it for about 2.5 km.)
  3. Turn Left, follow this road until you can go no further
  4. Turn left and Ste. Anne's main building will be 500 metres away on your left.

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